Nautical Mantle Decor

The change in season is always a great excuse to redecorate a room, right? As the official start of summer draws near, the fireplace mantle was calling for a makeover.


I already had some homemade buoys, so that kicked off the nautical theme for the mantle. I wanted to keep a mainly neutral color scheme to match the color of the brickwork and allow for pops of greenery. I’m big into plants right now, so I’m really excited at how trendy they are to have around.

Now, I kill everything, so picking plants that were easy to take care of was a must. Aloe plants are just cute and paired in a mini cement pot I found at Hobby Lobby went nicely with the neutral colors.

One of my favorite plants right now is the snake plant and luckily I found the perfect one at Lowe’s. The actual plant was huge, so dividing it into a smaller plant allowed it to be small enough to fit on the mantle ledge. And, another plus about this plant? They’re easy to take care of! They don’t need a lot of direct sunlight and can be watered every few weeks. It’s my perfect plant!


To mix up some textures, I found a ringed pot to hold the snake plant from a local grocery store and paired that with a tall dark grey textured vase with a brass top from Gordmans.


And just like that, here’s the completed nautical theme mantle for summer. I’m quite proud of how it turned out!

šŸ™‚ Rochelle

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