My One Planner System: July Set Up

Lately, I felt that I was using too many planners and wasn’t planning effectively in any of them. Heck, I really wasn’t planning at all. I previously was using three, one for social media, personal to-dos, and a mini planner that was basically an extension of my personal planner. When I did plan, I found I was duplicating information in all of them because I do prefer to have everything in one place.

I’m currently using the Happy Planner system because I really enjoy planning in discbound planners. They’re so customizable and the discs make it really easy to make your set up your own! I took all of my pages out of my three planners and laid them out to rebuild my own personalized planner that allows me to keep all of my planning and social media plans all conveniently in one place. I’ve been using this one planner since the beginning of July and I couldn’t be happier, I think I may have taken a step closer to that ever elusive “planner peace”!


I’m going to take you inside my planner set up and show you just how I organized it to fit my style of planning. Hopefully, if you’re struggling with your planning style, you can get a few ideas!

Because I was going to be creating different sections within my planner, I first started with dividers. The Happy Planner makes clear dividers that have tabs at the top and those were perfect. The tabs of the monthly pages are along the side, and I didn’t want the category sections to be in the way of those.


As you can see from the above photo, I have six main sections in my planner. They’re labeled: Goals, To Do, Planning, Ideas, Projects and This & That. I also have two bookmarks that are kind of hidden that are marking my monthly and weekly pages so I can quick flip to those.

I found these handy clear label stickers from the Carpe Diem Planner line that can be found at Hobby Lobby stores, and they’re perfect for labeling dividers!


Here’s a breakdown on how I’m using each of the six sections.

The first three sections can mainly be looked at as my personal planner.

  • Goals: I have notepaper in this section where I can outline goals for the remainder of 2017 and brainstorm for 2018 too.
  • To Do: This section, like the title suggests, is full of to do list paper. Here I can make notes of things that I need to do that don’t necessarily need to be done on a certain day, at least not yet. Those types of to-dos, I’d move into my weekly planning pages. But this section could house lists such as: things to buy, groceries, books to read, master cleaning list… anything that could be a checklist.
  • Planning: My monthly and weekly planning pages are found in this section and currently I am keeping pages for July 2017 to December 2017. I don’t have a 2018 planner yet, but with how stuffed my planner is only 6 months will fit unless I move to expander discs.


The last three sections are basically my Social Media Planner. However, this time, I’m moving my social media planning style to more lists and notes. Any actual scheduled posts or tasks that need to be done are being put in my weekly and monthly pages. That way everything that needs to be done or posted on a certain day is in one place, whether it’s a personal to do or a social media to do – just the way I like it.

  • Ideas: This section is full of notepaper for ideas. I have sheets dedicated to ideas for blog posts, videos, photos and printables I’d like to make.
  • Projects: This section is also full of notepaper for any project specific planning I need to do for social media. Each page will be dedicated to a project and will house all to dos and information so that I can keep everything together if I’m working on a specific project.
  • This & That: Alas, we have the classic notes section of my planner! Here I have notepaper for any random things I need to write down. And the best part about discbound planning? I can move these notes into a different section of need be!


That rounds out the set up of my planner! I’m really excited about it and I hope it gave you some ideas as to how to organize your planner if you’re looking to keep plans for multiple things.

Ever since I announced on my Instagram account I was moving to one planner, I received quite a few requests to show my planner set up. So, what better way to do that than a video?

I’m also excited to announce the launch of my new YouTube Channel! My first video actually accompanies this post and is a flip through of my planner set up. If you’d like a better look into how I’m using one planner for personal and social media planning, check out that video for a tour!

Talk to ya all in my next post!

🙂 Rochelle

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12 thoughts on “My One Planner System: July Set Up

    1. I use my phone to take all of my photos and I always take my photos with natural lighting next to a window. I use VSCO and Facetune apps to brighten them a bit more. I basically played around with different settings in those apps until I found a style of editing that I liked.


  1. I’m using that same cover on my planner right now. I found it in my stash of random happy planner stuff, but realized I have no idea where I got it from. I thought it came ina pack of extra covers, but can’t figure out which one since the only two I can find online now don’t have that cover in it. Do you know where it came from? I’ve been looking online for anyone else using it and you are the first one who has it too! It’s one of those things that has just been driving me crazy, because usually I’m pretty good about remembering where things came from.


    1. HAHA! I do remember and you’re right, it’s from a extra cover pack. It was part of a back to school student summer release a couple of years ago so that’s probably why you can’t find it any more. But I can’t seem to remember the other covers that came with it.


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