Planner Storage Case Review

Planner supplies just seem to multiply, don’t they? I mean, one sticker book leads to another, and suddenly you have the entire store of supplies on your hands! Luckily, there are storage options available to allow you to take your planning supplies on the go with you! Whether you’re planning in a different room, taking a trip, or just want to keep your supplies organized and out of site, the storage case from the Happy Planner line holds a ton of supplies!

I’m going to show you what I have in my planner storage case so you can get an idea of just how much stuff this case holds. And guess what!? It’s a lot.


This bag has two halves that have zipper closures. The first side of my storage case holds, believe it or not, 13 STICKER BOOKS. Yeah, that’s so many options on the go, I literally have all my sticker books with me wherever I go!

The left side has a zipper see-through pouch which is perfect if you’re storing planning supplies and want to easily see what they are. On the right, there’s a front pouch that I keep two of my most used sticker books. And under that, there is another zipper pouch that holds even more sticker books!

How many times can I say sticker books, right?

The other side of my storage case, holds more planning accessories. One side has two smaller zipper pouches that are attached with velcro, so you can take them out. One has my deco pens, which is perfect because you can see which one you’re looking for, and they’re protected so the tape doesn’t get wrecked and become unusable. The other holds sticky notes, page markers, scissors, paperclips and pens. The opposite side houses page accessories, like my pocket page protectors, extra covers, and notepaper.


This storage case, may seem small, but it seriously holds everything you’ll need to plan. I’m quite impressed with how much it stores and it’s a great quality storage case that has held up perfectly. I received this as a Christmas gift and have been using it for seven months now. And I probably grab this bag daily, so it’s been used a ton. It has been perfect in organizing my planning supplies, and still looks like the day I got it. If you’re looking for a bag that will hold your planner supplies, I think you may want to check this bag out. It’s seriously been a planner must have!

🙂 Rochelle

Want a more in-depth tour? Check out my YouTube Channel! I uploaded a video showing what’s in my planner bag!

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