Repurpose Your Wall Art with Pocket Page Cards

Wall art can be tricky. Let’s be real… styles change, favorite colors change, sometimes you buy it thinking it’s the greatest thing ever and then several years down the line, you’re just ready to look at something different.

That’s where I’m at with my wall art piece. I have a canvas map of the world, but the colors just don’t really fit the style and decor right now in my room.

Instead of shelling out money for a new one, because those can cost quite a bit of money, why not find ways to repurpose the wall art? I’m going to show you how I switched up my wall art, into something new WITHOUT ruining the original canvas art work! That’s right, because why ruin it, you never know you may need that original wall art again someday for your room!

I also have a huge stash of pocket page cards with very cute designs and quotes on them. I was looking for a way to enjoy these pocket page cards. They deserve to see more than the inside of a dark drawer, am I right? So I thought I’d make a bright, colorful inspiration board for above my bed, and it turned out perfect for the summer decor I have right now.

Here’s the original canvas that I started out with.

Original Wall Art

I needed to cover the canvas because I wanted the background to be white since the pocket pages I’m using are a variety of colors. I decided to take some wrapping paper where the back was solid white and wrap the canvas so that the backside of the paper was showing.

Now comes the fun part! Rearranging the pocket pages to cover the canvas. I decided to do more of a slant with the cards so they weren’t straight up and down. To me it just looked nicer this way. Once you have your desired look, carefully pick them up one at a time and glue them down.

When I got to the edges, there was some overhang and to even that out with the edge of the canvas, I just trimmed them with a x-acto knife by tracing close to the edge of the wall art on my paper cutting mat.

Styling Layout

I’m pretty excited how this turned out and it was pretty simple! And the best part? I didn’t have to purchase a new wall art to change the look of my whole room for the summer. It made for a fun afternoon DIY.

Don’t have a canvas wall art to cover? No problem! You could easily do this with a plan ol’ poster board as well!

Have fun, throw on some Netflix, and take your time! You’ll find the perfect collage in no time!

And if you’re feeling really festive, add a string of lights around it for a fun glow when the sun goes down! Now that’s what I’m talking ’bout!

Final w: Christmas Lights

Happy DIY-ing!

🙂 Rochelle

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