Watermelon Water Showdown

While browsing the “healthy drinks” at the grocery store, I came across WTRMLN WTR which is a Cold-Pressed Juiced Watermelon drink. Looking at the ingredients, it simply contains: watermelon flesh, watermelon rind, and organic lemon.

In honor of today being National Watermelon Day, I thought I’d put WTRMLN WTR head-to-head with my homemade version to see how it compares! Is the version you can make at home, just as good as the pre-made drink? I’m going to find out and share with you all what I think!


First up I’m going to make my own version of watermelon water using the same ingredients, I’m going to include the watermelon rind, watermelon flesh and some lemon juice.


After slicing up the watermelon, I cut off the watermelon skin and cut the rind and watermelon into smaller pieces so they would fit nicely in my Ninja blender and added in some lemon juice. Blend away!

I choose to pour mine over crushed ice and it pretty much turned out looking like a wonderful slushy mixed drink! Not to mention it’s pretty, isn’t it? I mean c’mon, it’s just begging to be photographed!

This drink was shockingly good! I wasn’t expecting to really enjoy it all that much. It was a little weird drinking it at first because it wasn’t as smooth as drinking something like water, it definitely has that blended fruit slushy feel. I maybe could have blended it a little longer, but I’m not sure if that would make a big difference.

But, wow, the watermelon flavor is amazing! It tastes just as if you were eating a bowl of watermelon, I mean, obviously it’s made with pretty much just watermelon minus the bit of lemon juice. Which speaking of lemon juice, you can’t really taste it and I put a pretty decent amount in, since I’m a fan of the lemon flavor. But I’m not complaining, hands down this drink was really good!

This is a keeper in my book, and one I’ll be making again! Plus it’s pretty and a fun, different way to have refreshing fruit on a hot summer day!

Now that I’ve made my own, let’s switch gears to the WTRMLN WTR that I found at the grocery store. My homemade watermelon water drink set the bar pretty high!


I was actually a little disappointed in this drink. It smells like watermelon, but when I drink it, all I can taste really is the watermelon rind. You know that little shiver that runs though you when you accidentally eat part of the rind? That’s kinda how I feel drinking this. If you’re a fan of the rind, then you’ll enjoy this drink more than I did. It’s still a very refreshing drink, but doesn’t really wow me with watermelon flavor like I was expecting.

The clear winner in my opinion is the homemade version! Buy yourself a watermelon, slice it up, blend, and you have yourself a refreshing summer drink. Now all you need to do is head outside with a book, relax and sip on one of summers best fruits!


Happy Watermelon Day!

🙂 Rochelle

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