Why I’ve Stayed with the Happy Planner for 2 Years

With the first week of August behind us, I realized I’ve been planning in a Happy Planner for 2 YEARS! That’s crazy long for me to stay in one style of planning. I’ve always been the type to bounce from planner to planner, trying a different one every 4-6 months and never really having a set planning style.

Well, I’ve found it.

Little did I know 2 years ago when my Mom surprised me with a Happy Planner just how much influence it would have on my life. It stemmed a creative outlet, organization, my planner Instagram (shameless, self plug here 🙂 ) where I’ve met a lot of really creative and amazing people and dare I say it, planner peace?! GASP!

FullSizeRender copy

So, out of all the planners in the world, why the Happy Planner?

I have found I LOVE discbound planners. The fact that I can easily take pages out and rearrange my planner to fit my planning style makes this my favorite method of planning. Gone are the days of trying to write plans on Wednesday and having the rings in the way. That seriously drove me crazy, now I can just take the page out of my planner, write on it and pop it right back in! Discs are the way to go for me and definitely the reason why I’ve stayed with the Happy Planner for 2 years. And I don’t see myself switching to a ring or spiral-bound planner anytime soon.


The actual Happy Planner itself is a great mix of beautiful designs, inspiration and plenty of space to plan. There are so many different planner designs that it’s pretty easy to find one that matches your style. And the level of customization allows you to literally create your own planner. You can take months out, add in accessories, note paper, folders, you name it. The possibilities are endless with discbound planners.

Ever since middle school, I have found myself decorating my planners. I would add pages to my school planners to decorate with quotes and doodles. I am beyond excited that planning is a popular hobby and there are people out there just like me that love to plan. It’s a creative outlet for me, and I’m excited to see everyone in the planning community on Instagram share their planning and creativity. If you’re new to planning and looking for inspiration, I would highly recommend searching the hashtags on Instagram. And if you’d like, join us by sharing photos of your creative planning style! I have never been apart of a more supportive group of people and I’m so glad I took the plunge and joined the planner community online. And I have the Happy Planner to thank for helping me find “my people”.

If you need me, I’ll more than likely be standing in my happy place among all the planner supplies at Michaels.

🙂 Rochelle


8 thoughts on “Why I’ve Stayed with the Happy Planner for 2 Years

  1. I bought my first Happy Planner last monrh and have started using it now, truly love it. I’ve tried different planners and now I’ve finally found one who is in my price range and fill my creative needs 🙂
    Love how I can plan, use bujo system with different lists as I like and document memories with printed images and doodling/coloring and be able to have it all in the same planner!

    I am thinking of starting to add the category about my interest of creative planning on my blog which is a book blog right now. Any good advice on blog posts about planning that I could need? I would like to do more than just show my weekly spreads. How do you come up with post ideas? 🙂

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    1. Hi Jeanette! That’s so neat that you have a book blog! What’s the link to your site, I want to check it out! 🙂 I work in a library and love seeing what other people are reading!

      I’d recommend searching through Pinterest and Instagram for planner inspiration. There’s tons out there! Plus everyone plans a bit differently so you never know how much of an impact one of your ideas can have for someone else, no matter how small it seems to you. Some top things I like to see from others are planner set ups, storage ideas, your planning essentials. You could also talk about things you like to plan, different pages you’ve created. Like you mentioned above you use the bujo system, that would totally be a great topic right there!


  2. That is so cool. So glad you found a planner that works for you. I’m still experimenting and haven’t found anything yet. So many planners have been left blank after the first two weeks of excitement. Got a bullet journal now and will see if that works.


  3. Love the Happy Planner! I’ve only had it for about a month and a half but I’m a decorating addict and have decorated down to October! And I see we are friends on instagram. Love the Planner sisters there!

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  4. I’ve stuck with the HP (mostly) is some form for over a year now with a break now and then to use the Bullet Journal system. As much as I like both systems, I keep coming back to the HP because of the decorating.


  5. I love my Happy Planner. I have been in it for just over a year and like you I love how versatile it. I am a multiple planner girl so I also so love to my filofax and other personal planners but always keep the Happy Planner in the mix.

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