Making Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

It’s probably my favorite part of my morning. I used to never drink it and now I can’t start my day without it! I love a good iced coffee and when cold brew coffee became popular, it quickly became my favorite way to drink coffee.

“It used to be one cup, but then the coffee started tasting so good I added an afternoon jolt.”
Lorelai Gilmore

I looked up many brew your own cold brew recipes online and was looking for a way to make my own without creating a mess. Every time I read through one about straining the coffee grounds, I couldn’t picture anything other than me spilling coffee all over the counter!

I found this Primula Cold Brew Coffee Maker at Target and I had to give it a try! And it’s fairly inexpensive too! I was able to get mine on sale for $14.99, which as I’m posting this it’s on sale again, so you can pick one up on sale too!


I’m very impressed with this cold brew coffee maker and it’s so easy to use! I’ve already brewed myself 3 pitchers of cold brew over the last month. Each pitcher, for me, lasts about a week.

First, I’m going to fill up the filter with coffee grounds. I’ve heard freshly ground coffee makes for a stronger and more flavorful brew, but I’m sticking with just buying the ground coffee bags from the grocery store. Maybe some day I’ll try grinding my own coffee beans and seeing if that makes a difference. Today, I’m using the Starbucks brand coffee in Mocha and fill the filter all the way up.

Once you have the filter full of coffee grounds and placed inside the pitcher, it’s time to add in some water. This part takes about 10 minutes because you have to pour slowly and wait for the water to filter through the coffee grounds. It gets tedious, but just think of the liquid gold that you’re making! As I pour, every so often, I stir up the coffee grounds. But be sure to stir carefully so you do not to rip through the filter.


Once you have the pitcher filled with water, it’s time to let the coffee steep in the fridge and let time work its magic! I let mine sit for 24 hours. While it’s steeping I usually stir the coffee grounds a bit 2-3 times so that I can get as much flavor as possible.

After the coffee has steeped for your desired time frame, it’s time to remove the coffee grounds filter! The bottom of the filter is a cap that you can screw off to help make it easier to empty the coffee grounds.


I’m impressed! This is really good coffee too. The strength of the coffee has been a bit different for each pitcher that I’ve made so I taste it first to see how strong it ended up so I can dilute the coffee to how I like it.

Personally, I fill up my glass with ice, pour just over halfway with cold brew coffee and then I add regular water to fill up the rest of my glass, add a splash of milk, and I have myself a homemade cold brew coffee to drink!

🙂 Rochelle

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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