Fall in Love with Fall: Fall Inspiration

Welcome to my new series called Fall in Love with Fall. I’ve always been more of a summer person and I’m always sad to see the warm days filled with sunshine turn into the chilly, rainy days of Fall. The idea for this series came to me while flipping through the seasonal sticker value pack from the Happy Planner when I came across a sticker that read “Fall in Love with Fall”.

That’s exactly what I intend to try this year! Instead of being bummed about being stuck in between summer weather and it being socially acceptable to decorate for Christmas, I am going to fall in love with Fall. And I’m pretty excited about it.


First, I wanted to find a bit of Fall inspiration. I have seen many videos and blog posts on inspiration, mood or vision boards and I’ve always wanted to make my own. If you’re unfamiliar with them, the idea is to find images, quotes, and decorations that inspire you for something like a season, goals, or places you’d like to visit.

Pinterest is full of great photos and ideas so I created a board of fall images that I loved and found inspiring for enjoying the fall time. The photos on my printed fall inspiration page can also be found on my Fall in Love with Fall Pinterest board linked below. I am planning to keep updating this board with new fall photo pins as the season progresses so feel free to follow along over there as well!

Because I want to keep this in a place where I can see it often, the inside of my planner seems like the perfect place! I decided to use one of the page protectors from the Happy Planner line. They come in various sizes and layouts, but the one I chose is for the Classic planner and holds twelve 2 inch by 2 inch photos in rows of three.

I wanted to do a bit more than just print photos and add them to the page protector. I found some clear quote and phrase stickers in the Floral Memories and Everyday Memories sticker books from the new Happy Memory Keeping line, so I jazzed up the photos with some stickers!

I really love how it turned out and am feeling a bit more excited for Fall now! Up next, figuring out what fall activities I’d like to do throughout this season.


Want to see exactly how I made this page? There is a new video on my YouTube Channel of the whole process with arranging and decorating the photos with quote stickers!

Here’s to falling in love with Fall!

πŸ™‚ Rochelle

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