Wooden Pallet Chalkboard Sign DIY

Chalkboard signs are perfect for seasonal decor. They’re so customizable and you can literally create one and decorate it however you’d like! Plus it’s an easy DIY if you find a pallet sign that’s already made for you! I’m really enjoyed decorating this chalkboard sign, but let me tell you, drawing on wood with chalk is much harder than it looks! I have a new appreciation for those who can draw amazing pictures on wooden chalkboard signs. I’ll be practicing for sure over the next several months!


Here’s what we’re starting out with. This wooden pallet sign was found at an antique store and it’s absolutely perfect for creating a chalkboard pallet sign. All it needs is a little bit of sanding, painting and then it’s ready to decorate!


First up, sanding the wood sign! This will help the chalkboard paint go on smoother. Plus sanding will also make for a smoother surface for drawing and lettering with chalk! It won’t be a smooth as writing on a real chalkboard, but it will help!

After the wooden pallet is sanded and smooth, it’s time to add some chalkboard paint! The brand I used is from Rust-Oleum and added two coats of paint to the sign, allowing the first coat to thoroughly before adding the next coat.

To make the sign look more rustic and well used, sanding the edges of the sign added a bit of texture that made the edges of the black chalkboard paint seem a bit softer and faded. It made it look like a sign that’s been used for years.

And now for the fun part! It’s time to decorate the sign! At first the chalk looked too harsh against the very dark, newly painted chalkboard. So I drew all over the board and took a paper towel and wiped the chalk off so that it kind of smeared some chalk dust over the whole sign. That helped tone down the harshness of the chalk paint and made the sign look more like it’s a regularly used chalkboard and now it’s perfect!



Add some fake autumn leaves from Michael’s craft store in a vase next to the sign and the fireplace mantle is now rocking all the Fall vibes!

🙂 Rochelle

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