2018 One Planner Set Up

Last year in July, my very first YouTube video was a flip through of my ONE planner. That’s right, I had switched from using 2 to sometimes 3 planners to just one.


Because I felt unorganized.
I need everything in one place.
I was rewriting things between all of my planners.

I want to be able to use multiple planners like so many people, but I just can’t stay organized with everything in my life separated into different planners. While it’s hard because all the planners are so pretty, it’s better for my organization and that just means I can take that money I’d spend on planners and buy stickers and accessories, right? I think that’s a pretty good trade-off.

So, how I do get away with keeping track of multiple different things in the same planner? The answer is dividers.


Dividers are a great way for me to separate what I want from my actual planning pages and yet keep everything in one planner. And since my planner is discbound (I use the Happy Planner), I can rearrange, add paper or take paper out when ever I want. I have dividers for the following areas for 2018: Wellness Planner (Plan on it! divider), Lists, Calendar, Future Planning and Business.

There are pages in these sections that I want to draw attention to so I can find them quicker. I created some mini tabs from transparent sticky tabs from Post-it by adding on some clear labels from a pack of stickers from Hobby Lobby, and I have mini tabs in each section.


For me, this is my ultimate planner. Everything in one place, divided into categories, and yet everything builds off of each other. I love it. If you’re interested in seeing a detailed flip through of my 2018 planner set up, check out my YouTube video.

๐Ÿ™‚ Rochelle

My 2017 Planner Set Up Video:



One thought on “2018 One Planner Set Up

  1. I love your setup! I’ve recently gone back to the Happy Planner and I need to set it up differently so I’ve been just searching for inspiration everywhere. Your setup video was great! I really want to get that wellness extension now…


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