Fall in Love with Fall: Seasonal Inspiration Page

Well, hello there. Remember me?

With the start of a new season, I always sort of feel like it’s also a fresh start. Add in the fact that I miss blogging and BAM! Let’s just get everything right back on track and kick things off with a blog post featuring my seasonal inspiration page I created for my planner.

Inspiration pages are my favorite way to set a mood for the season, add decoration, and it’s easy and fun too! Not to mention, who doesn’t love browsing Pinterest? It’s one of my FAVORITE places to find amazing photographs.


I’m always sad to see the long, warm, sunny days of Summer traded in for the cloudy, rainy, chilly days of Fall. So I created a whole board dedicated to falling in love with Fall. I’m planning to keep adding a collection of Fall photographs that I think best represent what I love about Fall.

Once I have my favorite images saved to my Pinterest board, it’s time to pick out my favorites to feature in my planner. I love using the 12 2×2 inch Page Protector from The Happy Planner because, well, the more pictures the better right?

I use the screenshot function on my MacBook and resize the images to 2 inches by 2 inches in Pages.


Cut them all out, and it’s time to decorate with some stickers! I love adding some quote or phrase stickers to these photos for a bit more of a personal, decorative touch on my inspiration page.


Pop them in the Page Protector, add it to my planner and I’m all set for some seasonal decoration and inspiration for Fall!

Let’s fall in love with Fall.

🙂 Rochelle

Check out my YouTube video to see how I created this page!




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