18 Before 2019

Every year about this time, I start to see people make lists of things they’d like to accomplish before the start of the new year. I love this idea because I typically wait for the first of a month, a Monday, a New Year to start working on things, and why? Seriously? I want to join in, and I’d like to do it now.

Not to mention, starting to work on all those little things you’d like to do now just ultimately means that you could start off the New Year on a positive note and already on a roll of getting things done.

So, what do I want to accomplish before 2019?

18 things.

I originally was going to do 19 Before 2019, but just so happens, I had so much fun with box-shaped stickers, I miscounted and only put down 18 boxes. Since it’s 2018, I just couldn’t get 18 out of my head apparently so 18 things before 2019 it is! Peel up the 9 sticker, replace with an 8 and WHA-LA! All better!

Some are fun, some are practical, and some are just down right things I’ve been putting off for awhile now. The thing is, they’re on paper now, and of course, because I love decorative planning, I added stickers! I couldn’t resist in making this list cute!


Without further ado, here’s my 18 before 2019:

  1. Decide on a 2019 Word
  2. Set up a new phone plan
  3. Organize my file box
  4. Transfer data on computer to external hard drive
  5. Decorate for the Holidays
  6. Schedule an oil change and tire rotation
  7. Clean out closet and shoes
  8. Set up a vacation savings account
  9. Stick to your winter skincare routine
  10. Read 1 career book: Dare to Lead by Brené Brown
  11. Set up 2019 planner
  12. Read 3 Holiday books
  13. Go to a Holiday Light Display
  14. Rewatch the Harry Potter movies
  15. Send Holiday cards
  16. Set 2019 goals & make a vision board
  17. Schedule vacation days for the Holidays
  18. Get a haircut

Here’s to finishing off 2018 on a positive, strong note. What would you like to accomplish most before the New Year?

🙂 Rochelle

Interested in seeing how I created and filled out this page for my planner? Head on over to my YouTube Channel!



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