How to Resize Photos for your Planner

Just as many people create vision boards, each season, I love to create inspiration pages for my planner. There is something so fun about scrolling through Pinterest and finding pretty pictures that represent all my favorite parts of each season. It’s like having your Pinterest board right in your planner! Plus, some of these photos are so cute I’d like to see them more often than just when I’m on my Pinterest page.

Swapping out pictures a few times a year is a great way to liven up your planner and add decoration without cluttering up your planning pages! These instructions will work for any size photo pages, but I personally love using the 2 inch by 2 inch Page Protector pages that fit perfectly right in my planner from The Happy Planner.

First up, find your photo inspiration!

The page I’m creating right now is my Christmas 2018 inspiration page. My goal was to find pictures that capture the magic of Christmas and can be a collage of exactly why I love this happy season so much. All photos I used can be found on my Pinterest board called “Magic of Christmas” if your interested in taking a look at my collection of Christmas inspiration.

Don’t just limit yourself to Pinterest photos. You could use photos you’ve taken yourself, magazine cut outs, anything! All you need to do is be able to trim them down to fit whatever size you need.

Take a screenshot!

Now, I’m using my MacBook Pro, so I prefer to use the screenshot method where I can choose exactly what to screenshot. It’s one of my favorite features and works the same as the snip tool on Windows computers.

On the MacBook hold down Command + Shift + 4 and you’ll see this nifty little plus-sign-like gadget appear where your mouse used to be. Click and drag your screenshot in as close to a square as possible. Why close to a square? Because the shape I’m going to resize these is a perfect square (2 inches by 2 inches). Aim for the shape you’re going to be resizing too. For example, if you wanted a 3 inch by 5 inch photo, you’d want to make your selection as close to a rectangle as possible. Don’t worry about being exact, it’s just so when you go to resize the photo it’s not all either stretched out or smushed together.

Paste your photos into a document and resize!


As I mentioned above, I’m on a MacBook, so I’m using Apple’s Pages, but Microsoft Word will give you the same result if you’re on a Windows computer. I drag and drop my photo right into the document and now it’s time to resize to 2 inches by 2 inches (or whatever size that is needed).

  1. In the Format tool bar, click on Arrange.
  2. Under the Size section:
    1. Uncheck “Constrain proportions”.
    2. Type in “2” in both width and height boxes
  3. Your image is now 2 inches by 2 inches!

While this screenshot to the right is from my Pages program on my MacBook, Microsoft Word will have a similar way to change the sizing of your photo.

Time to print!

I do not do anything special when printing my photos. Since I’m using these only for seasonal decoration in my planner, I don’t want to waste expensive photo paper. I just print them from a regular printer on regular printer paper. I find that the gloss of the page protector adds a nice glossy touch making the photos appear not to have been printed on regular paper.

I’ve been doing this for just over a year now with each season and I love the decorative, seasonal touch that it brings to my planner! Not to mention, pretty pictures of winter make having to go out in the cold and scrape your car off better, right? Riiiiight.

🙂 Rochelle

Want to see this in action?

Check out my YouTube Channel! I made a video showing how I resize photos as well as cut them out to make my 2 inch by 2 inch photo page.




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