My Favorite Planner Supplies of 2018

In typical year end fashion, I thought it’d be fun to talk about some of my favorite things that I used throughout 2018 in my planning. There are so many different planning supplies available now so I rounded up my TOP 4, most used planning supplies!

And shocking HINT: they aren’t stickers!

These 4 accessories are my most used, trusted supplies and I CANNOT plan long without them. Even though I like to try new things that come out, I always find myself going back these.


If you follow me on Instagram and YouTube, this is probably no surprise to you. My love for the checklist stencil from The Happy Planner is REAL. I love making lists and this handy stencil is perfect for any list maker. I don’t know what I would do if this stencil didn’t exist. Sure, there are checklist stickers, and I could always draw (GASP!) the boxes. And all the squares or circles just come out all nice and even and the list-making-lover in me loves that! This stencil is my go-to when it comes to making a list in my layouts whether it’d be on the weekly layout or even the monthly layout!

This pack of stencils comes with two types of lists: square checkboxes and circle checkboxes. If you’re a list maker or use your planner mainly for tracking to-do lists, this is a MUST accessory!


Two words. Ultra fine. I love fine point pens, always have. I love the thin crisp line and find that they just flow so nicely when writing. I’m a firm believe in finding the write pen makes ALL the difference in your handwriting! I came across these pens while wandering the writing aisle at Target and when I saw .38, they instantly were put in my cart. I mean, you can’t find a thinner regular, everyday pen than that (not to my knowledge anyway). This is easily my new favorite pen. I need them at work, at home, in my bag. I just need them with me wherever I may need to write something. They’re perfect!


I’m pretty sure these are a staple in many people’s homes and offices, but they’re my go to when I want to write with a bit more of a bold marker. It’s like holding a pen, but you’re most definitely writing with more of a marker with it’s thick line. These are one of my go-to’s for practicing hand lettering because I love that the tip is a thicker line, but it’s not too thick. Its just right! If I’m not writing with a fine point pen like the Pilot pens, I’m writing with a felt tip. Felt just feels so nice to write with! This is also a pen that I’m rarely without; I even keep them on my desk at work.

Favorite Pens


I’m more of a one planner type of girl and that means my planner needs to have sections with dividers so I can keep things separated, yet still together in one planner. These labels from the Carpe Diem line at Hobby Lobby are perfect for labeling dashboards and divider tabs! They come in a variety of different planning related phrases, sayings and categories. This label pack is the first thing I reach for when it’s time to set up a new planner or rearrange my planner set up. I can just label away to my hearts content when setting up my planner with different sections.


That completes my TOP 4 planning supplies! These all pretty much make a weekly appearance in my planning routine.

What planning supplies do you find you reach for the most?

🙂 Rochelle

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Planner Supplies of 2018

  1. Sticky notes – as a teacher, things are constantly changing so I always use the Happy Planner sticky notes until I know it’s 100% confirmed! I use the Pilot G-2 .5 and have gotten my colleagues hooked on them too!

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  2. I love my stencil to. I love to make list in my planners and I don’t always have a checklist to match my spread. My second must have is a pen I use th pilot G-2 pen in .38 to lol. My third go to is stickers of any kind. I love color and this is great way to add color to my planner.

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  3. You are adorable. The planner pages you have shared are “scathingly brilliant”. Your wit and charm add to the learning experience. Thank you for sharing your time and talents. 🍦


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