All In One Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

For the past few months, I’ve been searching for that perfect planner layout that would allow me to keep track of everything to do related for work and my personal life. I really enjoy having everything in one planner and when I have multiple planners, I just find that I repeat information because I still want to see everything I have going on.

Insert the bullet journal trend.

I have admired everyone that creates bullet journal layouts for YEARS. I’m telling you, it’s so amazing and the ability to customize every single layout to exactly what you need is extremely intriguing. I scoured Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration and created a few of my own layouts in the past but never really was able to find “the one”. My holy grail layout that would allow me to keep track of everything in one week, on one layout.

That is until I thought wouldn’t it be cool to combine the horizontal layout with the vertical layout? I enjoy a vertical-type layout for work because all I really do is have a running daily to do list, but vertical doesn’t work for me in my personal to dos. I switched to a horizontal layout a couple of months ago and it seriously was the best thing I did for planning outside of work.

But how do you combine them both to see everything you have going on during the week? Um. Hello! Bullet journaling!

Here’s what I used to create this layout:

  • Dot grid paper from The Happy Planner® HappyNOTES
  • Pilot G2 .38 Ultra Fine Pen
  • Checklist Stencil from The Happy Planner®
  • Journaling Stencil from The Happy Planner®
  • Acrylic Ruler by Recollections from Michaels


One Friday evening, I turned on a movie and drew out multiple weekly layouts until I found THE ONE! I’m not kidding. This layout gives me the structure of a Monday to Friday workweek, while still having areas to customize as weeks change or if I need to track something different from week to week.

The top half is strictly dedicated to work planning and the bottom is where I keep track of everything else from personal to do lists to social media planning. And I love it!


The vertical-style boxes give me the planning style I need for work lists and the horizontal layout gives me what I love about horizontal planning for my personal life.

Outside of the horizontal and vertical layouts, is where you can really make things your own!

On the left I chose to have a monthly view because I enjoy being able to quickly check what day of the week a certain date falls if I’m project planning without having to flip to that week or to the monthly pages.


On the right I have a giant to do list that I use for things that don’t have a specific due date and for things I need to do on the weekend. Outside of the Monday to Friday workweek, my weekend really isn’t structured and I don’t need those days individually in a layout. I just need a list for things to do and this is the perfect space to place this type of list.

At the top of the layout I like to leave space for what I call my “focus for the week”. I use this at work and it ranges from things to do, something to remember, a quote, whatever I’m feeling like I need for the week.

The ability to customize this layout as things change is why I love this so much. Take away the decorations and you have even more space for planning! For example, my weekend to do list area, or the decoration in the bottom left corner could easily be turned into a packing list for a vacation, a grocery list for a party, meeting notes, social media project planning list. You name it, you can fit it somewhere in this layout!

So how exactly did I create this layout? Below is a picture of the measurements I used for creating this layout. All measurements are the number of dots that I counted out. I used the Classic-sized HappyNOTES™ from The Happy Planner® for my layout, so if you’re using that size paper, these measurements will be exactly what you need to recreate this layout.


If you’d rather watch as I draw out this layout, I also uploaded a YouTube video! Check it out below!

And be sure to tag me on Instagram (@plansbyrochelle) if you recreate this layout! I want to see all the fun things you come up with and see how your layout turns out.

🙂 Rochelle

Bullet Journal Pinterest

5 thoughts on “All In One Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

  1. I just bought a new journal from Happy Planner and wanted to try to add the monthly and weekly using the dot paper. I remembered this post (and the monthly one) and am trying it for myself. Forgot about the stencils, so will get that, too. Thank you so much for sharing and filming the process! 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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  2. Rochelle, I love what you have done here and I want to try this with my own planner. I have to be honest, keeping a Happy Planner kind of stresses me out. I love them, but I watch all of these plan with me videos on YouTube and I worry that I can’t do things like that. I love the decorations, but most of the time the planners seem more decorative than functional. I want something pretty but that also lets me put everything for my week in it. I have tried different styles; and while the vertical is great for decorations, I love the horizontal for writing my notes in traditional fashion. But he horizontal planners don’t allow for stickers and themes as well as the vertical ones…so I go back and forth stressing out because I can’t find the “perfect planner” for me! Happy Planners have come the closest to any planners in a long time that suit my needs, but I almost feel like I need a totally made up planner on my own. Do you have any suggestions or other layouts I could try in addition to this one? I am concerned I won’t have enough space for everything, has that been an issue for you at all? It’s almost as if I need both styles, but I can’t have them on separate pages because that isn’t practical… *sigh* From a total overthinker, I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you! 🙂


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