Fresh Starts & Summer 2019 List

There’s nothing quite like the first of a month falling on a Monday. I’d love to say I’m not the type of person that waits for Monday or for the beginning of a new month to start something, but I TOTALLY am that person!

So here we are! Monday, July 1st. The holy grail combination for those like me and I’m restarting my blog, YouTube and regular posting on Instagram. After taking a few months unintentionally away from doing anything social media of the sorts, I’ve realized how much I missed it. It’s my hobby, what I do when I’m bored or to just unwind from a stressful day. Take that creative time away and I’ve spent more time scrolling social media and hours watching Netflix that I’d like to admit!

Now that summertime is in full swing, it is time to scour Pinterest for seasonal photos to inspire a Summer Bucket List of activities for my planner!

One of my favorite ways to make my planner a bit more on the seasonal-side is to print out pictures that represent each season and placing them in some pocket pages from The Happy Planner. Instant decor and it’s a great way to enjoy all of those beautiful pictures on Pinterest instead of pinning and forgetting about them.

Summer List and Inspiration Pages

I wasn’t going to make a summer list this year because it’s July, but I drove past a gas station that had a sign out front that said “Dippin’ Dots sold here” and well, that made me want Dippin’ Dots. It also made me think about how much I wanted to get those this summer, and then I realized, heck I need a list! So really, I have Dippin’ Dots to thank for for kickstarting the creative, “I want to make things and blog again” feeling!

Since it’s July, I kept my list simple and didn’t want to overload it with too many activities. So here we go! This summer I’d like to:

  • Walk to the farmers market (which just so happens to be right next to a Starbucks, so DOUBLE WIN for exercise and coffee!)
  • Visit a coffee shop I’ve never been to (yes, coffee is a theme in my life)
  • Watch fireworks
  • Eat Dippin’ Dots
  • Make s’mores
  • Watch a sunset
  • Eat dinner outside
  • Make a banana split
  • Watch the new season of Stranger Things
  • Get outside more without my phone
  • Make pretty smoothie bowls (you know, the ones you see on Pinterest!)

And then I have a space for my Summer Reading list because well, I work at a library, it’s SUMMER READING time!

Summer Bucket List

I’m looking forward to crossing these activities off my list and if you’re interested in seeing exactly how I made this page for my planner, there’s a video up on my YouTube Channel.

Here’s to fresh starts this 1st Monday of July and Happy Summer!

🙂 Rochelle

Summer List Pinterest

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